About Me

by Maria

There are two things I’m passionate about in life. #1 is Helping others and #2 is Health and fitness. Nothing and I mean nothing fills my heart and soul more than helping women achieve their health and fitness goals. I wanted to create this website as a way to communicate to thousands of women my message and beliefs on living a healthier life, which I have called The Healthy Body Way.


Since I was a young girl I loved making people happy. All I ever wanted was to connect with people on a deep level and to always make them feel special and loved.


And that passion and desire came from my personal experiences of rejection. Feeling unimportant, left out, and bullied had created a large pain inside of me that I wanted to ensure no person ever feels this way especially around me.


My passion for health started from the moment I lost my beautiful mother to her 5 year battle with cancer. Those 5 years she suffered through chemo, radiation, surgeries, and living in and out of hospitals. This made me realise I didn’t want to have the same destiny so I decided to take responsibility for the quality of my life. Not only did I want to live healthier to prevent disease but I also wanted to have energy and vitality to live life to the fullest.


And so with my two obsessions, I decided I wanted to create a life out of encouraging, motivating, and inspiring women to live healthier and more energized lives through the love and support from me and the healthy body community.


I want this website to be about living the healthiest and most energized life you can live! So If you’re interested in that, then I encourage you to bookmark my site you can access it whenever you need.


I’ve self-studied energy, weight loss, and health very thoroughly since 2008 and I’ve constantly been dissatisfied and disappointed with the commercialization of information online that misguided people into believing diets are the way to health. This unregulated information has caused myself and many people around me, maybe you as well, to become confused as to what one should eat! Worse, it’s encouraging disorderly eating and unhealthy unsustainable habits, which can lead to permanent damages in food relationships.  


But that’s where I step in.


I want to become your coach and your trusted friend who leads you towards a no B.S approach to a permanent healthy lifestyle that gives you energy and vitality and makes you feel great.  My knowledge and expertise have been founded from reading many scientifically-backed books on energy, health and weight loss starting all the way from the man himself who produces more energy than anyone I know, Anthony Robbins. I’ve also studied books by microbiologist Dr Robert O Young, and from physicians such as Dr John Tickell, T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr John A. McDougall, and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn who have cited thoroughly throughout their books unbiasedly proven studies.  


Now, to put it out there first, I am not a doctor, nor am I are qualified Nutritionist, Dietician or certified personal trainer. But the years of experience I have with losing weight myself and keeping it off for good, not to mention the abundant amount of energy I experience on a regular basis, plus years of me not falling sick, have proven that I don’t just know how to live the healthiest way possible or manage weight but I also understand it.


My goal is to share with you all I know and understand about healthy permanent weight loss, energy, and healthy living so that you can fast track your success and live the life you’ve always desired!

More importantly, I want us to your friend because I LOVE people. I love helping you and I love to support you and I love to help you achieve whatever it is you want. That means I absolutely encourage an open door policy so please contact me anytime!


My dream is to make a difference in your life. I want you to wake up in the morning with the body you love, to have an abundant amount of energy, and for you to feel confident and proud of yourself because YOU SHOULD. You have been put on this earth for a reason and living a healthy lifestyle will help you achieve your purpose.  

Please, come to the healthy body family because when you do I promise you will be welcomed with open arms and supported, encouraged, and motivated like you deserve.


My ultimate goal is to make the world a healthier place. So I encourage you that once you feel the good vibes from the health body family that you keep the good feelings flowing by supporting and loving the people around you to live their healthiest life.

If you like the sound of everything I’ve said, then hear from me more by joining my Facebook Community Page @Healthybodyfamily and also keep in touch on Insta @healthybodytv and subscribe to my YouTube @HealthyBodyTV

It’s been a privilege to have you read this today, thank you!

Forever yours in health, Maria House x